Help with Funding

If you are at the stage of considering the use of care services for the first time, we can advise you on various routes for help with payment. We recognise that the cost of care can be expensive, but there are various sources of financial help available which could fund your care costs entirely.

The first step could be to contact Social Services for an assessment – though you will of course have many sources of professional healthcare advice available at the stage of reaching this decision.

If you are deemed eligible for funding & in need of care services, you will be assigned a personal budget – which is a sum of money provided by the local authorities which can be spent on care from any care provider you see fit to appoint.

Alternatively, you might opt to allow Social Services to control your budget & appoint care on your behalf.

Additionally, there is a special benefit known as the Attendance Allowance which is intended to assist with the cost of care.

To be eligible requires you to be over 65 and either terminally ill or mentally disabled – including Dementia.

Payments are currently either £55.10 or £82.30 paid weekly.

Qualifying for Attendance Allowance often also enhances other benefits you might receive, for example Pension Credit, Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction.

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