Quality Care in Norwich



“CQC Registration and Rating are your assurances that our service is regulated and inspected by an industry watchdog.”



People seeking care services need to be sure they are getting caring & safe care. For this reason, all healthcare services in the UK are regulated.

The Care Quality Commission regulates Nouveau Care. The CQC have rated us ‘Good’ since our first registration. We’re very proud of this fact!

Norfolk County Council and the NHS accredits us to provide quality care in Norwich, so you’re in safe hands with us.

The Care Quality Commission regulates all healthcare services in the UK from home care providers to hospitals. You can find a rating for every provider on their website, and details of every inspection. For a report on our most recent inspection and our rating, see below.

For anyone seeking quality care in Norwich for the first time, Norfolk County Council is a great first point of contact. They can provide information on how to source quality care and what to look for. They advise on funding options and eligibility. You can ask Norfolk County Council to help you source care, even if you are self funded.

You can get help with assessments and advocacy and other referrals which is often free of charge.  



“We checked the Care Quality Commission website for providers rated Good or Outstanding.”



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