From Retail to Care in Norwich

The coronavirus pandemic and the shift to online shopping has meant that many people in Norwich and nationwide are considering a change from retail work to care.

It’s no secret that the UK employment market is expecting a widespread move from retail to care, as recent articles from the BBC demonstrate.

Most famously, Phillip Green’s retail empire has recently collapsed into administration leaving Topshop, Debenhams and Miss Selfridge employees in Norwich looking for work elsewhere.

It is predicted that many employees from retail will make the change to care as the high street makes the transition to online shopping – both locally and nationally.

Do retail workers make good carers?

Retail workers make excellent carers!

They’re accustomed to dealing with members of the public and resolving problems professionally and politely.

They will be used to working evenings and weekends and early starts, and have a great work ethic.

Finally, they’re often frustrated by not feeling rewarded for their work.

Here at Nouveau Care we have found that people from retail backgrounds make a great fit for our work, and many already have health and social care qualifications from school.

What do we look for in people from a retail background?

People moving from retail into care work are often considering a change because they want to feel that they are making a difference to people’s lives.

They will thrive on their interactions with people and enjoy helping others & going the extra mile.

We look for a caring character and a conscientious disposition.

Which other sectors usually make a good fit for care roles?

We speak to applicants from many industries, and in addition to retail we often find people from a childcare or teaching assistant background make a good fit to our roles.

Similarly, simply being a parent can often equip you with some of the skillset required for care.

Finally, caring for a family member or even just experiencing a family member being cared for can be an advantage.

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