Live In Care

24-Hour Live-In care services are often the preferred option to a care home, and the costs are comparable.

Live-In care allows the service user to continue with their existing lifestyle with minimal disruption, and remain close to family and friends.

Since care is one-to-one, it can be tailored to personal preferences and adapted to the user's routine – rather than adapting the resident to the routine of a care home.

A Live-In carer will get to know when care is needed most and adapt their rest time accordingly, meaning the service user gets the most out of the service.

Care home residents are often at the mercy of the shift patterns of the staff and the varying requirements of other residents, meaning they cannot always get the attention they need when they need it.

A Live-In care service is more flexible. Service users are free to go out and about at short notice, and can maintain independence by being able to continue doing everyday tasks like shopping which also keep them active.

Live-In care can also be flexible in the sense that it can easily be cancelled if it does not suit the individual.

The decision to reside in a care home can be much more of an obligation.